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My husband and I started the Paleo Diet as a get-skinny-quick method. However, with exercise and commitment, we have seen tremendous and consistent results. I reached my goal weight within 3 months, my energy level is up, and exercise is no longer a chore for me. Consequently, Paleo is now our lifestyle, and not just a diet.

The hardest thing for me when starting Paleo was knowing how to start. While the Internet is filled with information about what Paleo is and what Paleo is not, tips on creating a meal plan is scarce. I will rephrase that: FREE tips on creating a meal plan is scarce. Therefore, each week, I invite you into my home by providing our weekly meal plans with grocery list. I will also post recipes for meals that I prepare throughout the week. The only thing I ask in return is that you share photos of meals you prepare! You can share via comments on and/or any of the social platforms listed on this page. Happy cooking!

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M,BREAKFAST BOWL~~chia seeds\, almond/coconut milk\, berries\, nuts\, sweetener of choice (honey\, maple syrup),CHICKEN CLUB LETTUCE WRAP~~tomatoes\, 1/2 avocado,STEAK~~baked sweet potato

T,2 FRIED EGGS~~use coconut oil to fry\, mashed sweet potato\, 1 cup of cooked green vegetables,SPAGHETTI W/MARINARA~~spaghetti squash,GINGER & SCALLION FISH~~over sauteed spinach

W,SMOKED SALMON (3 OZ)~~(lox/nova)\~~1/2 cup broccoli,BEEF & BROCCOLI STIR FRY~~over cauliflower rice,CHEAT MEAL!~~gluten-free

TH,PALEO PANCAKES~~top with berries and maple syrup,TUNA SALAD LETTUCE WRAP~~substitute avocado for mayo,PORK CHOPS~~roasted beets and radish

F,2 POACHED EGGS~~1/2 avocado,SHRIMP SCAMPI~~zucchini noodles,GRILLED CHICKEN~~small spinach salad

S,SWEET POTATO HASH~~2 fried eggs,CHEAT MEAL!~~gluten-free,BOWL OF CHILI

SU,GARBAGE EGG SCRAMBLE~~be creative,LEFTOVERS,MEXICAN SALAD~~use the leftover chili over spinach or romaine\, get creative


Download Meal Plan PDF

Download Grocery List PDF

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